Meet Bill Colton

It can be argued that the Dirt and Asphalt Modified Industries would not be the same today without the influence of Troyer Race Car’s, Bill Colton.  The path to Troyer started at age 13, when Bill began working at his father’s business until the age of 18, when he landed a job as a fabricator at a local shop.  Bill started at Troyer in 1981 as a sheet metal fabricator for the recently established business. 

Bill’s career progressed as he became more and more passionate about racing, which eventually led to him becoming managing partner in 1989 and purchased the business from Maynard in 1999 to become sole owner until 2019. From managing partner to owner, Bill has been involved in the industry for 38 years.

Outside the shop Bill enjoys going to barrel races with his daughter Brittany, and driving a long ball at the greens.