• QWhat year/model car do I have?
    AIn order for us to determine what car you have, please email pictures of the car or the serial # located on the serial tag welded to the top of the left side frame rail next to driver to:

  • QCan I change my left side & rear percentage by changing ride heights?
    ANo. The only way to alter your cross-weight percentages is by physically moving weight around the car.
  • QHow do I set my torque arm rubber bushing?
    AIn order to set the torque arm rubber bushing, simply tighten the heim assembly until it is just free enough to turn by hand, without any "slop".
  • QHow do I know if I have a bad or damaged shock?
    AThe only real way to check the condition of a shock is to have them tested on a shock dyno. Troyer offers shock dyno services and can help you diagnose and tune your shocks. Call us at (585)352-5590, or email for more information!
  • QShould I pre-load my swaybar to add wedge to the car?
    ANo. Wedge should only be adjusted through pre-load on the coil springs. The swaybar on a modified is used to control the very slight roll the car experiences in the corner, and are typically set at neutral.
  • QHow do I check for binding in my suspension?
    ARemove springs and shocks and run the suspension through its travel. If you feel any binding, consult the Troyer setup manual or our Race Set-up page for correct suspension settings.
  • QWhere do I set my laser or string on tire when aligning my right side tires?
    ASet the laser or string at the bottom of the tire, just below the rim.
  • QHow to I get pre-load on my Left-Rear spring?
    ALower the shock slider on the chassis.
  • QHow do I center my rack?
    ASimply put; you align the Tie-Rod inner pivots with the lower A-Arm pivots. Consult the Troyer Set-Up & Technical Guide: Asphalt for further details and dimensions.